The Boys Season 2: 10 Shocking Comic Moments That Must Happen

Ruining the phrase 'my boy' for forever.

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In the 70+ issues that make up the insane comic journey that is The Boys, there's one thing that even people who hate it can agree on; it's never dull. With sex scandals, intense gore, and imagery that shouldn't even be graphic somehow becoming obscene, the comic thrives on persistently creating shocking moments, issue after issue.

And with the first season of Amazon's show adaptation containing magic babies, murdered dolphins, and an exploding invisible man, it's safe to say that the show has managed to match this level of depravity - or, at least, as much depravity as is advisable to put in any first season.

Given that The Boys hasn't yet been canceled for any of the various surreal and gross moments it's featured, it may be time to push the boat even further out, by including all the very most shocking moments in the episodes to come.

And with pretty much every other page containing someone having sex with an asteroid or pushing a crate of kids off a cliff, the creators sure have a lot to pick from - and enough creative freedom to make them just as messed up as they deserve.

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