The Joker's 10 Most Iconic Moments Of All Time

lbrm001 They say that a hero is only as good as the villains they face. Well, by that definition, the Batman could arguably be the greatest hero who ever lived. Boasting a rogue's gallery second to none, Batman and the world of crime he moves in has sunk into the greater public consciousness more than any other. Yet there is no villain more associated and recognised with the Caped Crusader, than the Clown Prince Of Crime himself, The Joker. His past shaded in mystery, his future undefined due to the wild and dangerous spasms of his character, Joker has kept Bat fans on the edges of their seats for over 70 years and shows no signs of slowing down. Recently reintroduced in Scott Snyder's run on the New 52's Batman titles, Joker is currently showing a new generation of readers what it is to truly be unnerved by an adversary. Wild. Insane. Crazed. Brilliant. The Joker is able to encapsulate all that makes a villain truly great whilst always staying true to the core concept of the character. So what are some of the Joker's most iconic moments? Well, here are my top ten, but let us know what you think. Be warned though, if you haven't devoured every Joker appearance, then there are spoilers ahead and they're sure to leave you wanting more... More... MORE!!!!

10. Death Of The FamilyBatman 14 JOKER

The most recent addition to the Batman mythos, the scope and impact of Scott Snyder€™s current Batman run is yet to truly be seen, but few could argue that his Joker story, Death Of The Family has not had its share of iconic moments. Snyder promised that he would be pulling out all the stops in this tale of a deranged, faceless Joker returned to ruin Batman€™s life and that of his €˜family€™ and he certainly wasn€™t lying. Cunning, manipulative and extremely violent, this Joker is, seemingly, more unhinged than ever before and this time, he is not targeting innocents, he is targeting Batman himself. One image that will surely burn itself into the membranes of all Bat fans, is the amazing ending to Batman 13 where the Joker is in the process of introducing a hammer to the head of Batman€™s loyal and long suffering butler, Alfred. Seeing as how the storyline is yet to conclude, it is certain that there may be more iconic moments to come from this storyline.
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