The Joker's 10 Most Iconic Moments Of All Time

9. Infinite CrisisInfinite Crisis 07 31

What kind of villain makes other villains scared? What other kind is there after the Joker? Playing a relatively small start in DC€™s epic crossover series, it is not until the conclusion that the Joker shows up for his spotlight stealing turn. Refused entry into the grand plan by an alternative universe Lex Luthor, Joker stayed in the shadows, waiting his turn throughout the epic. As the plan falls apart and the alternative Luthor seeks to escape, he finds himself in a darkened alleyway, face to face with the real Luthor and by his side? The Clown Prince of Crime who burns half of the imposter Luthor€™s face off with a double palm joy buzzer. €œYou made a lot of mistakes.€ States the real Luthor to his fallen counterpart. €œYou underestimated Superman. Superboy. Me. But the biggest one? You didn€™t let the Joker play.€ And the Joker shoots the imposter in the head.
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