Wonder Woman 84: 6 Things You Need To Know About Cheetah

Just who is Kristen Wiig playing in Wonder Woman 1984?

Boss Logic

A superhero is only as great as the obstacles she overcomes. Now while the Princess of Themyscira rarely comes across any baddy whom she can't tame with a toss of her lasso, there are still those who manage to leave their mark.

Throughout her illustrious history, one individual - or cat - Diana has always crossed paths with is the notorious Cheetah.

Starting all the way from the Golden Age to now, the sharp clawed evil doer has remained a thorn in Wonder Woman's side. After trading blows with the iconic hero for over half a century, she is finally set to get the live action treatment in Patty Jenkins' upcoming Wonder Woman sequel - Wonder Woman 1984.

While Cheetah has been a staple of Wonder Woman comics and DC animated productions over the years, this has still left people buzzing as to what iteration of the character we are going to see on the silver screen, and how she dovetails with Gal Gadot's acclaimed Wonder Woman.

And so, for both comics readers and casual fans, it has become a burning question that needs answering: who is Cheetah, and what can we expect from her in Wonder Woman 1984?


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