X-Men Dark Phoenix: 10 Biggest Unanswered Questions We Still Have

7. Is Quicksilver Really Magneto's Son?

Dark Phoenix Quicksilver Evan Peters

One of the most bizarre dangling character threads throughout the last few movies has been the relationship between Quicksilver and his comic book daddy, Magneto.

Both Days of Future Past and especially Apocalypse hinted at the relation, and despite fans understandably expecting it to pay off in Dark Phoenix, it's completely ignored and never even mentioned.

Hell, Quicksilver spends two-thirds of the movie in the infirmary, conveniently benched when the X-Men need him most. So, are they father and son or not?

The Likely Answer

It's definitely possible and, again, was heavily implied by the previous films, but given how easy it would've been to generate drama out of Jean very nearly killing Magneto's son - and it'd certainly make Erik's "The girl dies" line seem less forced - Kinberg not addressing it also feels rather telling.

Perhaps the writer-director simply felt that it was too much to unpack while also juggling the Dark Phoenix Saga - and honestly, given the end result, he might be right - but considering the franchise is now effectively dead, it's a shame fans never saw this character arc resolved.


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