10 '90s Slasher Horror Movies You May Not Have Seen

8. Campfire Tales

Popcorn 1991
New Line Cinema

Not only was Scream a huge hit, it single-handedly reinvigorated the slasher genre. But because Wes Craven's horror classic was such a dominant force at the box office, many horror flicks released around the same time were left fighting over scraps.

This is a pity, since there were many great slashers during this period that were forgotten, including Campfire Tales. (We're talking about the 1997 version, not the stinker from 1991, which starred Gunnar Hansen.)

The film opens with a bunch of teens crashing their car in the woods. While waiting to be rescued, the group start a fire and share scary stories. While telling these haunting tales, the group are oblivious that a serial killer is closing in on them.

Although horror anthologies are nothing new, having a slasher element in the overarching plot is a great way to pump up the tension. Even though the three spooky stories are creepy in their own right, you are most on edge when the film returns to the campfire, knowing the gang can be gutted at any moment.

If you happen to stumble upon this gem, give it a watch. When Campfire Tales finishes, you'll wonder why you haven't heard of it sooner.


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