10 Absurdly Bad Lines Of Movie Dialogue Clearly Written By Crazy People

Attack Of The Clones Portman When it comes to any medium that requires you put down words - be it plays, novels, or screenplays - dialogue is super hard to get right. When coming up with dialogue cues, you have to ensure that they sound like somebody might actually consider saying them in real life, but also definitely not that at all, because nobody talks the way that characters do in the movies - writing "realistic" dialogue is just an illusion, don't you know? And just because you've mastered it in one medium doesn't mean you've mastered it in another: Stephen King writes absolutely brilliant dialogue in his novels, but when it comes to writing for the big screen or television, it all sounds about as corny as a bowl of breakfast cereal. It's freakin' hard. That's why when writers like Quentin Tarantino or David Mamet come along with their beautifully-constructed, memorable and aurally-pleasing dialogue cues, we throw praise upon them as if they were just presented a large, expensive award by William Shakespeare. I think I've made my point: dialogue is hard to write, which is why we always seem to stand and take notice when we end up hearing the exceptional kind. Unfortunately, in the cases of the movies I gathered here, that wasn't the case. Please enjoy the following lines of dialogue from a bunch of movies, all of which were clearly scrawled by crazy people on the carcasses of dead animals before they somehow ended up in the draft of a completed screenplay...

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