10 Absurdly Bad Lines Of Movie Dialogue Clearly Written By Crazy People

10. "Give Me Your Face!" - Transformers: Revenge of the Fallen

Transformers 2 So bad that it became a genuine meme, this line of dialogue from the second Transformers movie, subtitled Revenge of the Fallen, is so bizarre and so random that it defies all established logic in the universe. Which kind of makes sense, actually, given that this was a movie directed by Michael Bay. There's no other way to really explain this line other than to say that it seems rather out of character for Optimus Prime, who delivers it as he - yes - rips the face from The Fallen, the main antagonist in the movie. Who wrote those four words down in a screenplay and didn't go back and erase them in the the second draft? "Give me your face!" What?! Where does a line like that even come from?

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