10 Actors Who Always Play The Same Characters (And Once Where They Didn't)

9. Michelle Rodriguez

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Michelle Rodriguez is one of the best actresses in cinema today, having starred in some of the biggest blockbusters of the 21st century. Audiences may recognise her from the Fast and Furious franchise, Avatar and Alita: Battle Angel. However, her impressive roster of movies does not stop her being trapped in typecasting.

Rodriguez consistently plays the tough chick in most movies she appears in. In Avatar, she was the gruff fighter pilot; in F&F, she's the badass girlfriend; and in Alita: Battle Angel, she's the skilled mentor of Alita. The same can be said for Machete, The Assignment, Widows, etc. Rodriguez is yet to land a big blockbuster role that does not involve her relying on her gruff exterior.

The Exception - The Breed

Despite being a movie panned by most critics, The Breed features Rodriguez's most differing role. Being a typical screaming girlfriend in a bargain bin horror, the actress still gave an interesting character that was one of the few highlights of the movie. It offered a look to audiences at Michelle Rodriguez's potential.

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