10 Actors Who Avoided Awful Movies Due To "Scheduling Conflicts"

9. Will Smith - Independence Day: Resurgence/Suicide Squad

Tom Hardy Suicide Squad
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The ripple effects of Suicide Squad aren’t done yet, as Smith’s commitment to the character of Deadshot made him unable to return for Independence Day’s 2016 sequel, which was a box office disappointment as well as a critical failure.

While Independence Day: Resurgence and Suicide Squad both have their own slots as ‘awful movies’ on this list, it’s fair to say Smith dodged a bullet with this one, considering his character ended up being one of the standouts from DC’s anti-hero juggernaut.

Director Roland Emmerich originally passed Smith’s lack of involvement off as him being "too expensive" before Smith reiterated his prior commitments. It is believed that two scripts for the film were written due to Emmerich’s early hopes that Smith would be able to return; one with his character of Steven Hiller and one without.

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