10 Actors Who Avoided Awful Movies Due To "Scheduling Conflicts"

8. Charlie Hunnam - Fifty Shades Of Grey/Sons Of Anarchy/Crimson Peak


The echoes of the internet theorising who would play Christian Grey can still be heard today, and it’s hard to forget the fallout from the replacing of Charlie Hunnam with Jamie Dornan.

While most people could’ve told you ahead of time that this movie was destined to be awful, Hunnam was dedicated to the role, citing his dropping out due to his busy schedule as causing him “frankly, something of a nervous breakdown". Hunnam was already torn between shooting for both Sons of Anarchy and Crimson Peak.

About a year after his replacement, Hunnam would refer to having to pass on the role as “the most emotionally destructive and difficult thing that I’ve ever had to deal with professionally.” It’s easy for viewers to sit back and say he dodged a bullet, but the star power the Fifty Shades series granted Dakota Johnson and Dornan cannot be understated. Still, pretty awful film.

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