10 Actors Who CHEATED Incredible Body Transformations For Movies

2. Arnold Schwarzenegger - Terminator: Genisys

Brett Azar Terminator

Even at his ripe old age, Arnold Schwarzenegger is in the kind of shape a lot of people can only dream about. He has pythons for days, could probably bench you and he shrugged off someone literally flying-kicking him in the back like it was nothing. He's a machine.

However, when it came to returning to the actual machine role that made him a superstar on the big screen, Arnie needed a little help. Asked to play his older self as "Pops," the aged T-800 in Terminator: Genisys AND a time travelling younger model, he couldn't do it alone.

Instead, the production hired bodybuilder Brett Azar to stand in for and fight him in the nude.

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