10 Actors Who Were Cut Out Of Movies For Ridiculous Reasons

Find out why Ang Lee made Tobey Maguire sad.

Scenes being cut from a film is an inevitability of the art. Sure, the filmmakers could save themselves a lot of time, money and effort if they knew ahead of time exactly what they need but, in some cases, they have to see a scene to realise it's superfluous. There€™s a long, sad history of great scenes and performances hitting the editing bin, usually because they don€™t gel with the rest of the movie. Painful as these deletions are, the movie is often better because of them. It only gets annoying when a performance is taken out not because it was bad, but for seemingly random reasons that crop up in post-production. It could be producers deciding not to pay the actor, losing their nerve over a sequence or other arbitrary reasons that don€™t do the movie itself any favours. In some cases the motives behind these cuts expose the strange political side to the movie business, where decisions are made by people in power for reasons that aren€™t always clear. Gathered here are a list of well-known actor who invested time and effort into a role, only to end up leading the deleted scenes section instead; and in some cases, not even that.

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