10 Actors Who Will Definitely Ruin Upcoming Movies

Could Taylor Swift be worse than the Cats CGI?

Taylor Swift Cats
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Nobody wants to see things fail. Well, maybe SOME things, but as film fans, it's a curious culture to want to rip the pedestal from underneath movies before they've even come out. But if it wasn't for all of the pain we've seen caused by disappointment, marketing misdirection and just monstrously bad films in general, it wouldn't be a thing at all.

All we do when we look at a film and think it might be bad in advance is steel ourselves against it. It's a type of emotional armour and it's usually in response to something that triggers familiarity. Genres, particular story tropes and specific cliches in trailers can set off warning bells, but there's nothing like the very presence of an actor on the bill to suggest that the end result might not be great. 

And unfortunately, there are a few cases of upcoming movies looking decidedly iffy already because of actors cast in them...

10. Vin Diesel - Bloodshot

Bloodshot Comic

Fie! You might scream. Sacrilige! You might spit. But let's be perfectly clear here: while Vin Diesel is an absolute box office machine when it comes to the MCU and the Fast & Furious movies, he's considerably less fortunate at the box office in his own franchises. The truth of it is that those two behemoth brands pull him (and his earnings) up, while things like the xXx and Riddick series have been more damning.

And it's not just box office where it shows. Diesel is a talented performer in the right wheelhouse and with the right material, but the idea of him doing another action franchise with a moody, muscle-bound hero who doesn't have other charismatic heroes to fall back on (as in when he's at his best) just doesn't fill you with confidence at all.


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