10 Actors Who Will Ruin 2020 Films

Vin Diesel is a charisma vacuum.

Bloodshot Vin Diesel
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Though some movies are good enough to prevail in spite of a distractingly bad performance, there's no doubt that a single weak link in an ensemble cast can be extremely offputting to the point of literally ruining a movie.

If an actor doesn't vibe right with the rest of the cast or doesn't give the director what they want, the results can be awkward, annoying, and straight-up cringe-worthy.

Rather than add value to the movie, these iffy and poorly-cast actors can actively detract from an otherwise appealing film, and with that in mind, there's certainly a lot to be worried about where these 10 actors' roles in upcoming movies are concerned.

Whether suspiciously risky stunt casting or simply actors who appear to be wrong for their roles, in each case there's a high likelihood of them derailing their respective movies, and possibly inviting future Razzie nominations in the process.

It'd be fantastic to be wrong, of course, but you'd be smart to expect little from these ill-fitting actors in some of 2020's biggest movies...

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