10 Actors Who Won't Be Coming Back For Upcoming Film Sequels

Once more into the fray! Or, uh, not.

Sequels can be a force of good or evil, but are generally seen as rather risky ventures for actors who are concerned about things like "respectability." Leonardo DiCaprio has never made a sequel, after all, and for good reason: he knows that, in all likelihood, it's going to suck. Why make a sequel when you can make something fresh and new and original, right? And yet that doesn't stop countless actors from returning for follow-ups to their more successful movie ventures, year after year. Because for an actor, a sequel can seem like a cushy gig: you're familiar with the role already, after all, so you don't need to bother with getting acquainted with the ins and outs of a new character; the part is likely to pay well and the film itself will probably do good numbers at the box office, ensuring career longevity. And then there's the fact that you get to work with people you already know and a crew you're already familiar with. Easy! Sometimes, though, the allure of a sequel fails to entice an actor and they refuse to go back for seconds; either that, or they're cut out or replaced by the studio. Which is what appears to have happened with the 10 actors assembled across the following list, all of whom - for varying reasons - won't be glimpsed in sequels due out over the next couple of years...

Honourable Mention: Harrison Ford - Star Wars: Episode VIII

There's still no real word on this one, which means that - as far as Harrison Ford returning in Star Wars: Episode VIII is concerned - it's just one big guessing game. Whilst Kathleen Kennedy once suggested Ford would be back for the sequel, she said so before the release of Star Wars: Episode VII and clearly didn't want to give away any spoilers concerning the character's fate. There was also that call sheet released last year, which had Harrison Ford's name included on the cast list, and Ford's comments at the 2016 Golden Globes, whereby he jokingly suggested that Han was just "resting." But recent cast announcements have left Ford's name out of the mix, which suggests that he will not reprise his role in any capacity as everyone's favourite scruffy-looking Nerf herder. His IMDb page doesn't list him as a cast member, either. Basically, it's a huge mystery and Disney seem rather keen to keep it that way.

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