10 Actors Who Won't Be Coming Back For Upcoming Film Sequels

10. Will Smith - Independence Day: Resurgence

Better to just get this one out of the way, don't you think? Independence Day: Resurgence, the non-awaited and utterly belated sequel to 1996's alien blockbuster, is set to hit theatres across the globe this year... and with one notable absence. While Jeff Goldblum is set to reprise his role as loveable nerd David Levinson, Will Smith - who co-stared with Goldblum in the original - will not. Smith, of course, provided the comic relief as Captain Steven Hiller and lit up the screen with that trademark charisma of his (where has that gone?), not to mention that he had great chemistry with Goldblum. Smith turned down the opportunity to return for the sequel because the studio couldn't afford to pay him what he wanted, and so his character was unceremoniously killed off in the viral marketing material glimpsed on the film's official website. So Hiller died, apparently, testing "a new experimental fighter designed with alien technology." Will Smith was sad about it.

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