10 Actors You Never Knew Directed A Movie

After all, they are a multi-talented bunch.

Arnold Schwarzenegger, auteur
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Actors are a versatile bunch. They need to adapt and grow into a litany of different characters from movie to movie, and put on a great show. However, this incredible talent is not just limited to when they find themselves in front of the screen; it also occurs behind the camera.

Cinema has seen its fair share of actors who've went from acting to directing. In fact, it's hardly uncommon. Some of today's finest movies have been directed by people who were once just known as an actor. Just look at Clint Eastwood: not only was he a prolific actor but he also went on to be a prolific director, an Oscar winning one at that.

However, for one reason or another, that fairytale doesn't always happen when an actor is offered the chance to helm a movie. Even for the biggest movie stars to grace the silver screen, a successful directing career has eluded them. Sometimes it's through choice, and sometimes due to the results of their filmmaking efforts. Either way, there are many actors who you may not have realised have actually directed a movie, and here are just a few.

10. Bill Murray - Quick Change (1990)

Arnold Schwarzenegger, auteur
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Bill Murray is a treasure of planet Earth, and despite his immense talent has only directed one movie. That movie was Quick Change, a 1990 crime comedy in which he also starred and co-produced.

In the movie, Murray stars as Grimm, a burnt out clown who decides to rob a Manhattan bank. With the help of his cohorts, Phyllis (Geena Davis) and Loomis (Randy Quaid), the robbery is a success and they make away with $1 million dollars. However the real task at hand is what follows: escaping New York City.

As lady luck evidently conspires to upend their getaway, the robbers constantly find themselves struggling to quickly get out of the city, becoming obstructed by construction works, fires, and non-English speaking cab drivers.

After the dizzying success he experienced in the 1980s, with two Ghostbuster movies, Scrooged, Caddyshack, and more, the next logical step for Murray would be directing. However, despite being well-reviewed, the movie didn't lead to the kind of financial success many of his other movies achieved. A real shame.


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