10 Actors You Totally Forgot Starred In Horror Movies

9. Octavia Spencer - Halloween II

Once Bitten/Ace Ventura

Before her Oscar-winning performance in The Help, the talented Octavia Spencer was just another struggling actor. For years, she popped up in tiny roles in Spider-Man, The X-Files, Malcolm in the Middle, and countless other projects. And in 2009, she appeared in Rob Zombie's Halloween II as Nurse Daniels.

While Laurie Strode is in the hospital to see how her friend is recovering, Michael Myers breaks in and stabs Nurse Daniels. She tries to crawl away but is left so weak from her injury, she collapses to the ground. Slumped onto the floor, Michael ferociously hacks at her back with a knife long after she dies. Even though this is revealed to be a dream sequence, it's still a chilling moment.

Despite the fact Zombie's Halloween reboot was refreshing, this sequel was among the worst entries in the series. Having said that, Octavia Spencer's death is probably the most memorable part of the film. She doesn't get a chance to show off her acting chops but you won't forget watching Michael slash at her spine down to the bone any time soon.


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