10 Awesome Star Wars Characters Only In One Scene

Because a galaxy far, far away isn't all just about Skywalkers and Palpatines.


The Star Wars franchise is the greatest sci-fi series in cinema history - yep, I said it - and it's one likewise laced with so many legendary characters.

Whether looking at George Lucas' original Star Wars trilogy, the trio of prequel offerings, or the more recent sequel trilogy, these films are full of some of the biggest and best characters ever committed to the silver screen. Whether that's a heroic Jedi, a nefarious Sith, a loveable scoundrel, a wookiee, or even a spunky R2 unit, the main players of the greater Star Wars franchise offer up something for everyone.

That said, Star Wars isn't simply all about those big hitters, for the franchise has a wide variety of supporting players and minor characters who help to fully flesh out this galaxy far, far away. And it's with these smaller names that the focus will be here.

Taking a look across the slew of colourful characters seen throughout the Star Wars franchise, then, here are ten fantastic minor characters who managed to live long in the memory, despite spending only one solitary scene on our screens.

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