10 Awesome Superhero Film Moments For When Marvel Owns Everything

9. Silver Surfer Vs. Thor

John Buscema€™s cover to Silver Surfer #4 is considered by many fans to be one of the greatest comic book covers of all time €“ an image that truly embodies what was so special and unique about the €œMarvel Age of Comics.€ The cover captures the Surfer in full motion, accelerating downwards towards Thor, who is reared back and ready to swing his legendary hammer at the oncoming silver projectile. The story within the comic mixes some trademark Marvel cosmic wackiness with the over-the-top excesses of Asgard. Readers are treated to a tale of Thor€™s mischievous brother, Loki, manipulating the Silver Surfer into attacking Thor and his Asgardian protectors. The Surfer appears to gain the upper hand, but later realises Loki€™s chicanery helped him win. Surfer is then sent back to Earth, where he had been banished by the world-eater Galactus. A storyline in which the enigmatic Surfer fights Thor and appears to win, would give the the silver character some needed clout and gusto, which was clearly missing from his film debut in 2007's Fantastic Four: Rise of the Silver Surfer (while we're at it, can we update Galactus so he's no longer a cloud?). Additionally, a film adaptation of Silver Surfer #4 would provide a needed link between the Fantastic Four's trademark galaxy hopping universe with Marvel's broader cosmic universe (which makes its big screen debut this summer with The Guardians of the Galaxy). Space is an infinite place. As such, moviegoers don't need Hollywood politics limiting the cosmos.
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