10 Awful Films Doctor Who Actors Want You To Forget

If you've seen them, it's already too late.

Doctor Who Karen Gillan Not Another Happy Ending
Synchronicity Films

It might look like actors are living the dream when they roll up on red carpets wearing rented dresses and tuxedos but you'll be pleased to hear that, more often than not, they're just as terrified as the rest of us. That's because fame can be a fickle friend, especially if you're only just starting to climb the slippery ladder to success.

Most actors find themselves committing to anything and everything that comes their way, purely because it gets them out of the house for a bit and they've got bills to pay. That's the general gist of this countdown of 10 Awful Films Doctor Who Actors Want You To Forget.

Don't get us wrong - this is in no means a reflection on any of their abilities as actors. They're all a talented bunch who each brought something special to their respective TARDIS tenures. Sometimes, though, the world of showbiz is slim pickings at best.

These are the films that have to be seen to be believed, but only if you can bear to sit through them. All of these had the promise to be something great but, for whatever reason, ended up falling flat on their faces. It's just a shame your favourite Doctor Who stars had to get caught up in the crossfire.

Doctor Who Editor
Doctor Who Editor

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