10 Awful Films Doctor Who Actors Want You To Forget

10. G.I. Joe: The Rise Of Cobra

Christopher Eccleston might refrain from bathing in the same river twice but he still sure as hell likes to get wet. So to speak. To date the Ninth Doctor actor has appeared in such formidable fantasy franchises as Heroes, Thor and The Leftovers, but not all of his coveted cult contributions have been resounding successes.

In 2009 he starred in G.I. Joe: The Rise of Cobra as one of its leading villains, Destro, but the film was internationally panned by critics and fans alike who complained that it hardly related to the pre-established G.I. Joe mythology at all. One reviewer even went as far as to say that it "butchered its mythos while the film as a whole has been described as an overriding, joyless stinker". Ouch.

Chris is good at moving on and never looking back, though. HA. Burn.

Doctor Who Editor
Doctor Who Editor

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