10 Beloved Movie Heroes Who Are Actually Trash

The greatest trick the Devil ever pulled...

The Greatest Showman Hugh Jackman

What does (almost) every movie need? A hero, of course, and on the shoulders of a charming, courageous or badass protagonist are so many unforgettable movies made.

But the sheer number of garbage heroes throughout cinema is proof perfect of just how tough it is to create one that's likeable, relatable and ultimately iconic.

Just look at Anakin Skywalker (Hayden Christensen) from the Star Wars prequels or the DCEU's gloomy sad-sack interpretation of Superman (sorry, Henry Cavill).

Sometimes, however, a filmmaker will succeed in giving audiences a hero they can truly root for and revere, but a closer inspection will reveal that, in fact, they're actually trash stacked six feet high and sculpted into human form.

This obviously excludes heroes well aware of their own douchebaggery - Deadpool (Ryan Reynolds), for instance - but instead much-loved cinematic heroes whose valorous and noble acts are coloured by questionable acts that the films themselves don't care to address.

People are complex creatures after all, and just because you save the world from annihilation, it doesn't mean you're inherently a beacon for all that's good in the world...


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