10 Best Character Arcs In The MCU (So Far)

9. Yondu

Thor Avengers Endgame
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A pirate, a thief and a killer, Yondu (Michael Rooker) has one of the MCU's most subtle and affecting character arcs. First turning up in Guardians of the Galaxy, he proves to be cold, intimidating, and sketchy (to say the least).

But come Guardians Vol. 2, cracks have begun to form. Unable to bring himself to punish Peter Quill/Star-Lord for his actions in the previous movie, Yondu finds his men start to turn on him and overthrow his rule. Thrown into an unlikely allegiance with Rocket and Baby Groot, he escapes his mutineers and ends up helping Quill face down his father.

It's a fast-paced but constantly gripping story, culminating in Yondu giving his life to save his adopted son, atoning for all his past sins and proving his love for Peter in one of the MCU's most touching moments.

He may be gone, but he left behind a fantastic legacy, and gave fans a great story despite his limited screen time.

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