10 Best Chosen Ones In Movie History

8. Emmet Brickowski – The Lego Movie

Frodo Baggins The Lord of the Rings
Warner Bros.

Chosen One Title: The Special

Emmet Brickowski is a guy who lives his life literally by the book with everything he does in the misplaced thought that it will make him popular.He's the personification of biege, and yet, he remains endearingly energetic and optimistic anyways.

Emmet is similar to Bilbo Baggins in the way that he is an everyman who doesn’t care for a life of adventure, but gets pushed into it, discovering that the world is so much bigger and more complicated than he could ever have imagined.

His journey is from naivety to wonderment: Emmet becomes a Master Builder and taps into his imagination.

As Emmet’s character development progresses, the movie hits with a twist, that Emmet is not actually The Special, but rather that anyone can be one. The message of the movie becomes clear; don’t try to be like anyone else to make yourself feel that you matter. Use the talents that you are blessed with and don’t be afraid of original and unique thoughts, for it is what will make you stand out.

It is then that you will make an impact on the world.


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