10 Best Disaster Movies Of All Time

8. The Towering Inferno

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20th Century Fox

For a film released back in 1974, The Towering Inferno still holds up in terms of special effects.

That, coupled with the fact it has a supremely brilliant cast including the likes of Steve McQueen, Paul Newman, Fred Astaire, and Jennifer Jones. It's also one of few disaster movies to bring to life the works of two novels, with The Glass Inferno and The Tower both influencing the story.

In terms of sheer success, The Towering Inferno would rank higher on this list. Eight Oscar nominations, including three wins, ensure that it's one of the best movies of its genre.

The Towering Inferno will be the oldest disaster film on this entire list. However, when it comes to holding its own against a plethora of modern-day, technology-assisted epics, it firmly stands its ground.


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