10 Best Horror Movie Cameos

9. Simon Pegg And Edgar Wright - Land Of The Dead (2005)

It is no surprise that Simon Pegg and Edgar Wright are huge fans of George A. Romero's O.G. Zombie films. The writing duo hit every nail on the head with Shaun Of The Dead, their fanboy parody/love letter to Romero's zombie universe. Romero himself was so pleased with what the two had done with Shaun Of The Dead that he offered the pair a small role in the fourth film of his zombie saga, Land Of The Dead. In the scene right before Asia Argento's character, Slack, is tossed into a makeshift gladiator arena to fight zombies, the unscrupulous patrons have the opportunity to have their picture taken with a pair of restrained zombies, otherwise known as Simon Pegg and Edgar Wright. Fun Fact: Asia Argento is the daughter of the famous Italian horror director Dario Argento, who was the producer of Romero's Dawn Of The Dead.
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