10 Best Horror Movie Sequels

9. Final Destination 3

Evil Dead 2

The premise of Final Destination is simple: one person saves a group from imminent, exaggerated, gory death in a freak accident, and the Grim Reaper is p*ssed about it. Living on borrowed time, those that were supposed to die have to pay their debt back - in equally exaggerated, gory, freak accidents. It's simple and effective, and enough to make you cringe at the simplest of activities. Even taking the lift is enough to make you lose your head...

Whilst I did poke fun at this very film in the entry, the third installment is arguably the series' best, getting its campy formula completely right for the first time with a mix of horrible coincidences and hilarious consequences. It isn't about being believable, or serious, or even that frightening - but manages to tightrope walk between ridiculous and actually a bit terror-inducing with each increasingly crazy death.

Shout out to the sunbed scene for singlehandedly taking down tanning salon sales by 678%.


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