10 Best Horror Movies Of 2020

9. His House

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Having first surfaced at the start of the year, His House has recently turned up on Netflix - and it's something that should be on the hit-list of anyone with a penchant for horror.

The debut feature from Remi Weekes, His House provides a much needed breath of fresh air for the oft-overplayed haunting house concept. Centred on the Majurs - a Sudanese family who have emigrated to the United Kingdom - we find a film that, yes, is very much a haunted house feature, but also is a film that explores the traumas of asylum and the strains of an unhappy marriage.

While the very real pain of very real situations is spotlighted here, the more elaborate and otherworldly elements of His House provide some spectacular supernatural scares. Director Weekes manages to conjure up scares that are more about intensity and situational representation rather than merely going balls-out with garish ghouls and ghosts for the sake of garish ghouls and ghosts.

When all is said and done in His House, though, it's very much the reality of the movie that strikes home the true terror here - not so much the appearances and apparitions that haunt the picture.

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