10 Best Horror Movies Set In Space

8. Pitch Black

High Life
USA Films

Before he made movies exclusively about fast cars, preposterous chase sequences, and "fambly", Vin Diesel appeared in this 2000 sci-fi-cum-horror adventure about a convict who must team up with his captors to escape a harsh desert world.

Diesel plays Riddick, a character who would eventually get their own film series. He has genetically enhanced eyes that mean he can see in the dark, whilst also being very sensitive to sunlight. And would you know it, the planet they crash land on has basically no light source!

What are the chances?

Riddick must help the crash survivors escape the creatures that live on the planet that just so happen to have a similar condition to him. Uh oh, he might think they're "fambly" and turn on the humans!

The film was praised for its monster design as intriguing premise, but was labelled as repetitive and formulaic by some. However, it really zips by, and is the start of a fairly famous franchise, as well a breakout performance from Diesel that set him on the path to superstardom.

Wait a second, does that mean that this film is technically responsible for the Fast and Furious saga? Kill it! Kill it with fire!

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