10 Best Movie Characters Who Only Appear In Deleted Scenes

8. Sgt. William Candy - Terminator 3: Rise Of The Machines

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In Terminator 3: Rise of the Machines, a Terminator is sent from the future to protect John Connor on the eve of Judgement Day. When John realises Skynet is going to launch its attack on humanity within a few hours, he heads to the military base where the computer software resides.

Before John arrives at the facility, there was meant to be a scene showing the military higher-ups watching a preview of the first T-800 robot. In this clip, we see the man who serves as the body template for the Terminator - Sergeant William Candy, played by Arnold Schwarzenegger. Because Candy speaks in a jovial, Southern drawl, Officer Shelby suggests his accent won't suit the Terminator. His assistant, Sherwood Olson, replies by saying, "We can fix it," in a broad Arnie voice, implying his dialect will be implemented into the Terminator model. Even though this scene is goofy, it's intriguing to see the guy that the killer robot was based on.

Should this scene have been included in the theatrical cut? Not a chance. But is it the most memorable moment in Terminator 3? Absolutely.


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