10 Best Pre-Credit Sequences In James Bond Movies

8. You only Live Twice

Spectre Day Of The Dead
PA Archive/PA Archive

The second fake out death on this list, but this one has more impact thanks to the fact that is most definitely the British spy who has been 'executed'. While the audience clearly know that their hero will return shortly after his assassination, the sequence still works perfectly, especially in conjunction with Nancy Sinatra's beautiful title song.

The pre credit scene begins by setting up the central plot point of the movie, with the 'craftnapping' of a US spaceship, bringing the world closer to World War 3. The scene then cuts to a war of words between US and Russian diplomats which is interjected by the 'wise' UK envoy, who point out that their man is "on the job" already.

The scene cuts to Bond 'on the job' with a young Japanese lady, before he is seemingly betrayed, assassinated by machine gun fire. After British officers confirm his death, the camera lingers over Bond's seemingly lifeless body as we wonder how he will survive this seemingly fatal attack.

Of course it's a fake out and a method of allowing Bond to go under the radar, but is still a top little moment that allows for the brilliant title of the film.


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