10 Best Roles From The World's Worst Actors

10. Jessica Alba - Sin City

Jessica Alba has largely failed to move out of the realm of Hollywood's pretty faces. Sure, the 'pretty faces' realm is a lucrative one, but Alba has spent her career under the malevolent glare of critics who consistently remind her that she could do better. Alba's early career was promising, but it was her turn as the sultry Nancy in 2005's film noir, Sin City, that really made people sit up and pay attention. Nancy was memorable for all the right reasons: Sexy, dark, and mature, movie goers felt Alba's was a standout role in the movie, and not just because of the skimpy outfits. This 2005 role had the potential to transform the stunning Alba into one of Hollywood's star talents, and it came at a time when her resumé was only slightly coloured by limited bad movie choices. Alba, however, went on to become a victim of further bad choices and bad luck. Despite the fact that 2005's Fantastic Four was a critical flop, it got a sequel she was contracted to star in. She then featured in progressively more painful romantic comedies like 2008's The Love Guru, and finally gave up when she decided to appear in Machete and the more recent Machete Kills.

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