10 Best Roles From The World's Worst Actors

9. Owen Wilson - The Royal Tenenbaums

Owen Wilson is a welcome face for many comedy lovers. With undeniably loveable mannerisms and a feel-good approach to his movie choices, it's unfortunate that Wilson should be listed among the worst actors in Hollywood today. Painful comedy upon endless painful comedy have plagued Wilson's career, giving him no chance to shine (but surely lining his pockets, thanks to their commercial success). It all started so well for Wilson, with hits like Rushmore under his belt. He really garnered a dedicated following of fans following his impressive turn as Eli Cash in the surreally dark The Royal Tenenbaums in 2002. In this role, he plays the hapless, well-intentioned author and sometime drug addict who serves as a fob to the titular family - he's an outsider who's just as strange as the insiders. Wilson's turn in The Royal Tenenbaums drew on his comedic prowess, but also revealed a tantalising depth to the actor that few had seen before. This led the critics to wonder, could Wilson have leading man potential hidden behind that funny-man persona? Not so much. Soon after the Tenenbaums, the rom-com curse began to plague Wilson. Before fans knew it, his acting light was being suffocated under the proverbial bushel of scripts like Hall Pass. Perhaps if he'd taken on a more significant role in 2015's Oscar forerunner, The Grand Budapest Hotel, things would be looking a little different for this sadly wasted talent.

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