10 Best Scary Movies For People Who Hate Horror

8. Hush (2016)

30 Days Of Night

Rare is it that among the ever-growing library of content we have at our fingertips that we can be given a unique premise or a standout narrative. 2016's "Hush" offers a unique premise delivered through a charming portrayal of a character in a seemingly vulnerable position.

The film follows Maddie, a deaf author who is also unable to speak, working from home in an isolated house in the woods. The isolated location offers a picturesque scene of tranquility, and lends itself perfectly to engaging the audience.

Hush dives head first into the notion that the power of imagination and the provocative use of alternative elements to build suspense without sound can be strong storytellers. Throughout the film there are a multitude of refreshing moments which deviate from the norm, taking audiences away from traditionally predictable scenes which plague many of the movies in its genre.

Maddie herself is a surprisingly relatable figure, not in the direct sense that we are all in her predicament, but that we all crave a piece of what she has; isolation from the turbulent noise of the outside world. It is compelling to watch a character comfortably living with such an ailment, who would seemingly benefit from having what most viewers have taken from granted, so much so that it makes Maddie all the more enchanting.

Hush is a character-driven movie first and horror movie second. One which fleshes out the bones of the lead protagonist, offering something fresh and a focus on her struggles as a person first and foremost.

Hush is a fantastic, heart pounding movie which pits supposed fragility against that of supposed power. Its ability to convey tension without the need for violence is a feat accomplished with a keen sense of understanding from the director that the audience has the power to tell its own story and input its own sounds.


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