10 Best Sci-Fi Film Comedies Of All Time

9. Men In Black 3

Galaxy Quest

The first two entries in the MIB franchise were middling affairs, which allowed for the odd laugh while serving as a nice time killer, thanks to the chemistry between Will Smith and Tommy Lee Jones. There was however a distinctly pedestrian feel about it all, especially with the second entry, which wasted far too much time on explaining Agent K's memory loss. Thankfully it proved to be a case of third time's a charm in the hugely underrated MIB 3, that manages to up the stakes and laughs considerably.

The story has a strong vision from the start rather than the skit based structure of the first two entries, with the focus on how on Earth Agent K came to become such a miserable old geezer, outside of the fact he was played by Tommy Lee Jones.

When Agent K is murdered by a time travelling alien, Smith's Agent J travels back in time to stop the murder from ever occurring. Josh Brolin is perfectly cast as a younger Agent K, a more optimistic yet still utterly charisma less man who brings about many of the film's laughs. Brolin and Smith have a more friendly but equally strong dynamic, with Smith's energy driving the first two acts.

It is the incredible finale though which makes this film a classic, an unexpected heartbreaking moment that brings a satisfactory conclusion to the trilogy. Brolin in particular is brilliant here, his speech to a younger Agent J an unexpected heartbreaking moment.

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