10 Best Times A Movie Character Returned From The Dead

9. Frank Bannister - The Frighteners

lord of the rings gandalf

Taking time out from playing Marty McFly and his Oscar-winning performance as Stuart Little, Michael J. Fox stars in this 1996 black comedy about a conman who can talk to the dead.

Fox plays Frank Bannister, who makes good use of his supernatural abilities by sending ghosts to haunt people and then charging them big bucks for exorcisms. It's the American Dream in action!

Bannister has the honour of dying not once, but twice in The Frighteners.

The first time is on purpose; he contracts hypothermia in order to pursue a spirit that has been murdering people in the land of the living. As for the second time, well, that was a lot less on purpose.

The spirit is revealed to be Johnny Bartlett, a deceased serial killer bent on becoming the most prolific murderer of all time. He is helped by his living lover Patricia, who strangles Frank to death in an attempt to help her spiritual squeeze.

After a quick trip to Heaven, Frank learns from his dead wife that it's "not his time". He then returns to Earth and saves the day.

Wow, it's as easy as that to cheat death? Why has nobody said this before!


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