10 Best Winter Themed Horror Films

9. Dead End

Wind Chill Emily Blunt
Toutle Cine/Lions Gate Entertainment

Dead End is a sharp, unsettling psychological horror film in which a family end up trapped on a never-ending road as they attempt to visit relatives over the holiday period. Released in 2003, the creepy movie was written by Jean-Baptiste Andrea and Fabrice Canepa, and it was also directed by both. The production stars Lin Shaye (who later went on to star in several of the Insidious movies, directed by James Wan), Alexandra Holden and Ray Wise.

This tale follows the Harrington family (mum, dad and two teenagers), as they travel on Christmas Eve night to visit relatives for Christmas break. The road the family travel down ends up being a never-ending loop in which the Harringtons become trapped. Frightening and creepy events take hold as the unhappy family try to desperately escape and find themselves in the same location again and again.

Dead End has some unnerving and unsettling scenes - with the occasional moment of black humour. As winter wraps itself around the family whilst they end up hostage to a dark energy on the road, there are plenty of twists and turns to keep the audience captivated.


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