10 Biggest Mistakes Terminator Genisys Has Already Made

Why are you back?

Like the titular time-travelling killer, The Terminator franchise just won't stay dead. Which is pretty damn impressive considering there hasn't been a good installment since 1991. Quite what it'll take to finally kill the series is unclear. James Cameron tied it all up in Terminator 2: Judgement Day, yet thanks to Hollywood's traditional perseverance with a recognised property they managed to wrangle out a threequel a decade later. And despite Rise Of The Machine under-performing with fans and critics it still prompted a fresh, but still closely-linked, reboot. Now, even after the disappointment of McG's Terminator Salvation and a lengthy legal paper trail, there's going to be another attempt to kick-start the franchise this year. Although it's beginning to look like Terminator Genisys might just be that movie that finally stops the T-800 on screen once and for all, with a series of bad decisions setting it up to be 2015's most disappointing blockbuster Everyone tore into the likes of Jurassic World and Star Wars: The Force Awakens with incredibly knee-jerk reactions when their teasers surfaced (oh no, lightsabers are slightly different and velociraptors could be helping Star Lord), yet Terminator Genisys came out of the whole trailer binge of 2014 rather unscathed. Which is odd, because out of the three nostalgic big hitters returning to screens this year, it's the one that looks set to be the biggest let-down. Maybe there's just so much wrong with the film that it's impossible to rationalise it all. It certainly seems that way, so to break it down here's a list of ten production decisions that suggest Terminator Genisys could be the franchise's death knell.


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