10 Characters Who Should Appear In Spider-Man: Homecoming

9. Liz Allan

Spider-Man Characters
Marvel Comics

High school isn't all bad and since the film is going to be focusing on a teenage Peter Parker, it’s a safe assumption that his blossoming love life is going to make up part of the story as well. Peter has had many famous love interests over the years, and one of the most iconic was his high school crush, Liz Allan.

Liz is everything Peter isn’t: attractive, successful and popular. She’s shown to be the perfect girl for someone like Peter but more importantly, she would allow the film to flesh out another side to his personality without her character demanding a major role.

We already know that Zendaya will be in a similar-sounding role as ‘Michelle’ and it’s entirely possible that she is in fact playing Liz. Even if she isn’t playing her exactly, the archetype of a popular high school girl that Peter falls for seems like a character type that will be included.

There are certainly other characters who could occupy this space but judging by her history in the comics and Peter's age in the film, Allan would make the most sense.


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