10 Child Stars That Actually Made It Through Okay

9. Christina Applegate

Break-Out Role: Married... With Children Applegate first came to prominence for her supporting role in Married... with Children, and while a ten-year run on a sitcom is normally a hard thing for any actor to shake, she's managed it. 3 Golden Globe nominations and an Emmy award later and she's firmly left her child star days behind. She's not exactly a bankable star per se, but her TV career has flourished especially - and let's not forget that she was Veronica Corningstone in Anchorman, a role that demanded not only comic intelligence but also the ability to stand out in a cast of exceptionally talented and hilariously-inclined actors. Her success is even more impressive when you consider that she was made famous for playing a typical "dumb blonde" - a caricature that is usually notoriously difficult to shake (just ask Lisa Kudrow).

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