10 Comic Book Movie Rumours We Hope Are Bullsh*t

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Rumours are the lifeblood of the fan community, allowing people to trade stories and generate buzz for an upcoming movie long before release day. This is especially true of comic book movies, where fans will pour over casting announcements, set photos and message boards in the hopes of sussing out potential surprises or spoilers.

It could be returning characters or an exciting casting rumour, and this is a ritual every DC or Marvel movie has to go through. That’s not to say every piece of gossip is greeted with open arms. In fact, some rumours can be so disappointing they can turn fans off the film and suggest it’s moving in the wrong direction.

It’s important to treat unconfirmed reports with a healthy pinch of salt, since the source can be way off. That said they can often be right on the money too, and if the theories on this list are true, there’s likely to be a lot of disappointed or angry viewers out there.

10. Deadpool's Secret Cameo – Logan

Ben Affleck Batman

After seventeen years of playing Wolverine Hugh Jackman is ready to hang up the claws, with Logan looking like a hell of a goodbye to his version of the character. The movie looks like a serious, dramatic affair, with an aged Logan protecting a young girl with powers similar to his. The film is also R-rated, finally giving fans the uncut, foul-mouthed Wolverine film they’ve always wanted.

Fans would also love a team-up between Ryan Reynolds Deadpool and Jackman’s Logan, which didn’t work out so well in X-Men Origins. There was a rumour Reynolds had filmed a secret cameo for Logan, but a quick glance at the trailer would show anyone the character would be totally out of place.

Both actors have denied it, and the more tantalising prospect would be Reynolds luring Jackman back for a cameo in Deadpool 2, preferably dressed in the classic yellow comic outfit; because only then will Jackman have done everything.

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