10 Comic Book Movies That Could Have Been Saved With A Single Tweak

10. Taking Out Electro - The Amazing Spider-Man 2

Let's face it: The Amazing Spider-Man 2 felt like a rushed outline of a movie; a hodgepodge of good, bad and ugly ideas that needed to be refined and reworked into something resembling a motion picture. And yet, because said reworking never happened, what we ended up with was pretty much another Spider-Man 3: a motion picture built on compromise, uncertainty, and a failure to understand what it ultimately wanted to be. Although there were a bunch of issues inherent to The Amazing Spider-Man 2, though, the picture could have been "saved" by removal of one aspect - Electro. It's not that he was a terrible villain; it's just that the movie should have focuses squarely on the relationship between Peter Parker and Harry Osborne. Dedicating more screentime to this plot strand would have rendered this sequel as a pretty good flick.

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