10 Convoluted Movies That Ruined Great Ideas

9. Now You See Me

Now You See Me Now You See Me was a film bursting with potential, a tale about a group of four magicians who use their special skills to perform elaborate, often illegal stunts, such as robbing banks. This causes the quartet - known as The Four Horsemen - to land on the radar of a doggedly determined FBI agent (Mark Ruffalo), who spends the entire film chasing them. This is a sharply directed movie with a great cast and superb premise, all of which is undercut by a woefully convoluted script, culminating in one of the most unsavoury plot twists in recent memory. Indeed, aside from the ridiculous leaps in logic the movie asks you to buy throughout - namely relating to the crazy feats the magicians manage to pull off - there is the final reveal, that Ruffalo's character has been the benefactor helping the magicians all along, revealing himself as the master magician who invited them to the big leagues in the first place. The movie ends without even daring to explain this fact, leaving us in the lurch and thoroughly annoyed at what is incomprehensible, lazy storytelling at its absolute worst.

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