10 Creepiest Zombie Movie Transformations

10. Don - 28 Weeks Later

28 Weeks Later Don
20th Century fox

Kicking off 28 Weeks Later with one of the best opening sequences in probably the entire genre, Don and the survivors he is with are completely overrun after taking in a random kid. With only seconds to spare and with no way to save his wife, Alice, he is forced to make a run for it as seemingly hundreds of infected barrels down on him.

Escaping this by the skin of his teeth, we catch up with Don 28 Weeks Later as the government are trying to reintroduce people back to Britain, starting with the Isle of Dogs. this all seems a little rushed, but surely it'll be fine as Don now has his kids back.

Though not all family reunions are that simple.

After Alice is found surviving in their family home by their kids, she is brought back to the secure area and thanks to Don's AAA access, he manages to break quarantine and see her. A quick kiss of death later and it is all over for them and mostly everyone. Don explodes into a fit of rage and ends poor Alice as she is helplessly tied to a bed. This one is really hard to watch as Don is so violent here, and Robert Carlyle really sells the chaos.


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