10 DC Comics Villains Who NEED To Face Robert Pattinson's Batman (And Who Should Play Them)

9. Evan Peters As Hush

Dave Bautista Bane
FX/DC Comics

Having stole the show in the prequel X-Men movies as Quicksilver, Evan Peters is no stranger to comic book movies.

A mainstay on American Horror Story, Peters has shown he can portray intense and horrific characters as well as keeping his fresh-faced, guy next door appeal. This would make him fantastic in the role of Hush.

Dr Thomas Elliott has a tragic backstory which dates back to being a childhood friend of Bruce's. Angered by his abusive father and his mother's refusal to act, Elliott cuts the brakes of their car and kills his father, hoping to inherit the fortune. His mother, however, is saved by Bruce's dad, Thomas Wayne. Thus, his resentment for his friend and his father began.

A master manipulator and dangerous when armed, Elliott assumes the identity of Hush and, through an association with The Riddler, discovers that his childhood friend is the man behind the cowl. Dangerous and deranged, Hush is a fan favourite villain with a look that would pop on the big screen.

Peters is a year younger than Pattinson and would make a believable childhood pal. His recent Emmy Award-winning performance in the brilliant Mare of Easttown proves he's got the acting chops and it would be great to see him opposite the Caped Crusader.


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