10 Deleted Scenes From 2017 You Must See

The best bits from the cutting room floor.


Deleted scenes were always the best part of the DVD extras section. The chance to see additional footage from a movie you love was a tantalising prospect on release day, regardless of whether it lacked post-production spit and polish.

Even in an age where digital downloads and streaming services like Netflix and Amazon Prime have put disc-based distribution at risk of extinction, they're still going strong, although the way fans consume them has changed.

Most deleted scenes are now viewed on platforms such as YouTube rather than on Blu-ray or DVD, but the demand for them remains high. A movie's home release is always greeted with disappointment if there's no bonus footage bundled with it.

Not all deleted scenes are created equal. Often it's easy to see why the footage ended up on the cutting room floor, whether it's because the special effects looked ropey or the entire scene was filler, but sometimes the material filmmakers chop is solid gold.

Some unused footage helps explain complex plot points or would have added much-needed action, leaving the fans unable to fathom why it was axed from the final cut.

Here are the scenes from last year that would have done those things and more...


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