10 Deleted Scenes From 2017 You Must See

9. Logan - Caliban's Ultimate Fate

michael fassbender alien covenant
Marvel Studios

In the final cut of the excellent Logan, Stephen Merchant's Caliban was killed off screen, caught up in that exploding van full of Transigen operatives.

A deleted scene from Wolverine's swansong, however, confirms that the blast didn't kill him instantly. The footage shows the albino mutant mortally wounded in the wake of the detonation. He manages to crawl a short distance and exchange an emotive farewell glance with Logan before succumbing to his injuries.

This would have been a more appropriate exit for Merchant's character than an off-screen death, but director James Mangold felt he had to cut it because it begged the question of why Wolvie didn't retrieve his friend's corpse and give him a proper burial.

Although that's a valid point, it could be argued that he only took Professor X's body with him because he was much closer to his long-time mentor than he was to Caliban, plus Logan was under pressure to make tracks at that point.


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