10 Dumb Decisions In The DC Extended Universe We Can't Forgive

1. The "Birds Of Prey"

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Warner Bros.

Harley Quinn: Birds of Prey (yes, that's the new title it was given after the other lengthy effort left most casual moviegoers confused about what they were supposed to be seeing) was actually pretty good, and definitely deserving of the positive reviews it received back in February.

Unfortunately, Warner Bros. thinking they could emulate the success of Deadpool led to a series of stupid decisions. For starters, they alienated comic book fans by delivering a Birds of Prey movie which didn't actually feature that team. For many, the absence of Batgirl was unforgiveable, and this was blatantly a Harley Quinn solo feature rather than the team-up promised.

An unnecessary R-Rating - neither the gore nor swearing enhanced the movie in any way - guaranteed a disappointing opening weekend, and some dumb decisions from Warner Bros. ensured that this promising new franchise ended before it could really begin.

It's a shame that Harley Quinn probably won't get the chance to shine in a solo setting again, but the studio made its biggest blunder once again attempting to imitate a Marvel movie...


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